Thinking about what’s next


On March 13, 2022, I announced the beginning of an important transition that would soon be taking place at The Point, the church I have served for almost 21 years now.

That process will conclude this weekend, as I complete my responsibilities at the church and pass the leadership baton to my friend, Pastor Jon Gibson.

Jon just completed 23 years of ministry at Living Hope Church in Centerville, Ohio. He began his ministry there as a youth pastor, a role he held for nine years. He then served the same church for five years as the worship pastor before becoming the lead pastor following the departure of the founding pastor approximately nine years ago.

I never cease to be amazed at how God will specifically guide us if we are willing to listen (Psalm 32:8). I believe that is why there has been so much peace and clarity around this decision. That does not mean there is no sadness. Laurie and I have invested a significant portion of our lives and ministry here in Seymour. We love the church, and we love this community that we call home.

My love for God and my love for the church would not allow me to remain in a position when God has made it so clear that it is time for me to step down. The foundation of my leadership has always been a deep and sincere faith and trust in God. Even when circumstances seem unsettled or uncertain, we can always have confidence that he is in control and that he can be trusted.

I believed that God has prepared Jon Gibson to lead this church into the future. Engaging our transition plan was a step of faith and obedience that has allowed us to witness God’s perfect provision. Jon is uniquely gifted to lead the church into the bright future God has in store.

We will have a passing of the baton service at 10 a.m. Sunday at the Seymour High School auditorium. You are invited to attend. At the conclusion of that service, I will step back as Pastor Gibson steps up to begin his responsibilities as the new lead pastor.

This will be my final column for The Tribune. I want to express my sincere appreciation to Tribune editor Aubrey Woods, former editor Dan Davis and the many friends who have faithfully read this column for so many years. My prayer is that these words have been helpful and that God has been glorified through what I have written. I have been blessed to hear how the column has ministered to so many of you down through the years.

While I wait to see what’s next for me, I intend to deepen my relationship with the Lord, invest more in our family, encourage pastors and possibly write a book or two. While I don’t know what God has in store for me long term, I can say I am ready for the road ahead and I will follow where he leads. Thanks for reading.

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