MCSC honors R.E.D. Hornets of the Month

MEDORA — Medora Community School Corp. continues to focus on responsibility, empathy and determination among its students, honoring its December R.E.D. Hornets of the Month during Wednesday’s board of school trustees meeting.

Those honored were Peyton Spence, a sophomore, who was admired for her positivity and kindness in the classroom. Waylon Burrell, an eighth-grader, was honored for his diligent work and respectful attitude. Dalton Kessner, an eighth-grader, was honored for his uplifting spirit and willing participation in the classroom.

Kara Hunt, principal of Medora Junior-Senior High School, introduced the honorees to the board and read statements from teachers.

Spence’s teachers honored her with praises for her continued success in the classroom and encouragement to her peers.

“Peyton is an outstanding agriculture student in class who has participated in multiple FFA activities this year,” agriculture teacher Adam Conklin wrote about Spence.

English/language arts teacher Christopher Sinnett said Spence is good to everyone all the time, and that’s a big reason why everyone loves her, and she’s a perfect fit for student of the month.

“Peyton is a lovely person who works hard to be successful in her life,” English/language arts teacher Rebecca Lanier said. “She seeks success in the classroom by always being prepared and is ready to tackle any task brought to her. She loves reading and imparts that enthusiasm to others in discussions. Additionally, she is always looking for ways to protect, encourage and be there for other students. Thus, she definitely meets the standards of being a R.E.D. student.”

Math teacher Kyle Derheimer said Spence is in his algebra 2 class and is an excellent student and has grown so much in such a short amount of time.

“She always has one of the best attitudes toward learning, even when she makes a mistake,” he wrote. “She is quick to learn from her mistakes and applies what she learned to the rest of her math work. Peyton is also a very hard worker and puts forth the effort required to be successful. It has been an absolute pleasure watching her grow this year, and we are only half done.”

Social studies teacher Reuben Nehrt said Spence is a kind and considerate young lady.

“She typically works hard to complete her school work as well as custodial work after school. Peyton displays a consistent attitude of positivity,” he said.

Burrell’s teachers recommended him because of his hard work in the classroom and also praised him on his skills as an arm wrestler.

“Waylon is a great student. He never fails to do his work and get it turned in on time,” science teacher Leah Young said.

Sinnett said Burrell is a quiet, conscientious and respectful kid.

“Waylon is very respectful and works hard in class. He has done very well on all his projects so far this semester,” computer science teacher Riley Morris said.

Nehrt said Burrell is fun to have in class.

“He is smart, goofy and a good arm wrestler. He also works diligently to complete his work on time,” Nehrt wrote.

Kessner was selected for his positive influence and his sense of humor, Hunt said.

“Dalton is a pleasure to have in class. He is a fun, determined student. He always goes above and beyond without being asked,” Young said.

Sinnett said Kessner is hilarious and respectful, embodying the R.E.D. spirit in a very uplifting and encouraging way.

“Dalton is exceptionally well-behaved and bright. He works hard and is a positive influence on his classmates,” Morris said.

Nehrt described Kessner as a unique young man.

“I enjoy his sense of humor and appreciate his willingness to participate in class,” Nehrt said. “He is also a good arm wrestler, maybe better than Waylon Burrell. It is a toss-up.”