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0 is a new database through Jackson County United Way that will bridge the gap between organizations and constituents to ensure both are getting what they need.

The app is very mobile-friendly and can pull up hundreds of resources just by entering a ZIP code for the area in which the constituent needs help, according to a news release from United Way. also helps local organizations by allowing referrals to be made seamlessly from one resource to another. Formerly known as Aunt Bertha or, has been tailored to meet the needs of those in the community and is available at no cost to partnering organizations.

For programs to show up on HoosierHelp, there is a two-step process.

-Suggesting a program: A request is filled out to suggest a program to be added to the website. Once HoosierHelp confirms the information is correct/accurate, the program appears on the website.

-Claiming a program: An organization can then “claim” their program as their own to be able to make edits, updates, referrals, etc.

Ashley Caceres with Jackson County United Way said not all of the resources listed currently for Jackson County residents are local, and they are hoping to change that. is free to use for those seeking resources and also free for those who have resources to offer.

“There are some perks to organizations or entities having their programs listed on the database, like making your own updates,” Caceres said. “Also, making referrals across organizations and getting data from it, like how many people searched for your services and how many people got connected or referred to you.”

She said there are a lot of great resources on the database right now, but not everything is as local as they would like for them to be.

“The database isn’t just for nonprofits. It’s also for schools, medical providers, churches, and there’s a whole gamut of topics people can search for, topics from food resources to personal care to education to legal information and more,” she said.

United Way invites organizations to fill out the program form at

The agency will take the information and suggest the program appear on HoosierHelp. Once it is approved, the United Way will contact the organization to schedule a time to go over how to claim their program and get the most out of this free resource.

For information, contact Ashley Caceres at [email protected] or Stephanie Strothmann at [email protected].

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