Brownstown Speedway closes 2022 season with Funfest


The 27th annual Funfest brought the 2022 Brownstown Speedway racing season to an end.

The 410 Non-Wing Sprints and Super Late Models ran one-night-only complete shows. All of the other divisions ran events Oct. 7 and 8. The weekend concluded with Sunday enduros.

On Oct. 7, Jake Swanson of Danville prevailed in the 410 Non-Wing Sprint car feature. Swanson was followed by A.J. Hopkins, Jordan Kinser, Brandon Mattox and Ethan Barrow.

The Oct. 8 Super Late Model event saw Jared Bailey of Bedford in Victory Lane. Bailey led Keaton Streeval, James Walters, Marty O’Neal and Tyler Nicely at the checkers.

Other feature winners during the weekend were Tyler Collins of North Vernon; Jordan Wever of Bloomington; Zach Sasser of Bedford; Mickey Hines of Scipio; Josh Hallett of Seymour; Brandon Cranmer of Jeffersonville; Tres Mehler of Edwardsville, Illinois; and Shannon Walp of Hayden.

410 Sprint Car feature results: Jake Swanson, A.J. Hopkins, Jordan Kinser, Brandon Mattox, Ethan Barrow, Brady Short, Max Adams, Trey Osborne, Braxton Cummings, Scotty Bradley, Harley Burns, Ryan J. Thomas, Allen Howard, Cory Clay, Hunter Maddox, Joss Moffatt, Eddie Lake, Cody Trammell, Adyn Schmidt, Rylan Gray.

Super Late Model feature results: Jared Bailey, Keaton Streeval, James Walters, Marty O’Neal, Tyler Nicely, David Webb, Matt Bex, Britan Godsey, Tyler Collins, Jug Wethington, Rick Gumm, Tory Collins, Dwight Smith, Chris Workman, Shelby Miles, Dusty Chapman, Jim Couch, Brayton Laster-DNS, Travis Brown-DNS.

Indiana Pro Late Model feature results: Tyler Collins, Marty O’Neal, Britan Godsey, Tory Collins, Dwight Smith, Jim Couch, Conner Mertens, Nolan Wells, Joey Jones, Brett Barrett, Rick Gumm, Keaton Streeval, Taylor Vincent, Jason Basham, Jug Wethington, Jeramie England-DNS, Chris Workman-DNS, Chester Allbright-DNS.

Steel Block Sprint Car feature results: Tres Mehler, Billy Winsemann, Dan Ingram, John Gurley, John Johnson, Michael Clark, Matt Humphrey, Dave Gross-DNS.

Modified Feature results: Jordan Wever, Jeff Deckard, Zachary Stalker, Jacoby Hines, Rob Brickert, Nathan Voorhies, Sam Wray, Ben Burton, John Warner, Daniel Moore, David Winters Jr., Earl Plessinger-DNS, Jerry Davis-DNS.

Super Stock feature results: Zach Sasser, J.T. Huffman, Colton Sullivan, Marty Cooper, Troy Clark, Dalton Fleenor, Blake Hull, Danny Hupp, Sam Wray, Roger Reichenbacker, Joey Reed, Jimmy Prince, Jared Zike, Ethan Braid, Chris Batchelor, Davey Waggoner, Jenna Boknecht, Cale Kern, Jack Roberts-DNS.

Pure Stock feature results: Mickey Hines, Houston Roark, Phillip Boudreaux, Preston Carr, Alex Shipman, Conner Mertens, Josh Turner, Donnie Wilson, Josh Hayes, Buddy Stearns, Cody Tate, Eric Lewis, Bailey Jones, Mike Bailey, Cody Wright, Hunter Perry, Dalton Fleenor, Jordan Turner, Vern Albertson, Keaton Streeval, Dusten Carr, David Ross, Eli McRoberts, Tommy Fleenor-DNS.

Crown Vics feature results: Brandon Cranmer, Joel Smith, Jeff Roberts, Aaron Seay, Trevor Cranmer, Billy Heil, T.J. Donohoo, J.T. Huffman, Jeff Cranmer, Ronnie Basham III, Jason Cranmer, Kenrick Neal, Jackson Scott, Frank Stevenson, Zachary Stalker, Adam Reynolds, Johnny Sheehan, Darrell Basham, Jordan Frye, Jesse Suell, Phillip Boudreaux, Brandon Hooker, Michael Cranmer, Eric Lewis.

Hornet feature results: Josh Hallett, Michael Brewer, Davey Waggoner, Zach Johnson, Curtis Roccia, Andrew Deavers, Jeremy Shemwell, Shannon Walp, A.J. Hobbs, Scott Smith, Matt Miller, Brandon Crockett, Jeremy Ogle, Tyler Blythe, William Wingate, Allen Hobbs, James Simmons, Brian Pollitt, Allen Douglas, Tyler Shelton, Dale Hobbs, Levi Hayes, Landon Hayes, Phillip Fields.

Hornet Enduro: Shannon Walp.

Pure Stock/Crown Vic Enduro: Buddy Stearns (PS)/Aaron Seay (CV).

The 2022 track champions at Brownstown are Chad Stapleton (super late models), Tyler Collins (pro late models), Jordan Wever (modifieds), Zach Sasser (super stocks), Dusten Carr (pure stocks), Michael Brewer (hornets) and Brandon Cranmer (crown vics).

This week in racing history

From 50 years ago this weekend in 1972 at Twin Cities, Kenny Baker won the feature race over Ron Clark, Gary Herbert, Bob Wolfschlag and Bill Smith.

Also from 50 years ago at Whitewater Valley Speedway in Liberty, Dick DeBolt won the late model feature over Vern LeFevers. Calvin Dean took the super six feature over Paul Montique, Bob Smith, Gary Herbert and Allan Scott.

From 30 years ago in 1992 at Paragon, it was Bob Kinser winning the sprint car feature over Brian Hayden, Kevin Thomas, Gary Trammell and Kent Christian. Terry Arthur won the street stock feature.

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