Health department announces spill at Seymour gas station


The Jackson County Health Department recently confirmed a release, spill or overfill from an underground storage tank system at a local gas station.

On Sept. 28, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management was notified of an incident at Circle K No. 101, 2119 E. Tipton St., Seymour.

Two days later, IDEM notified the county health department about the incident.

State law requires a joint release of information by IDEM and the county health officer. Dr. Christopher Bunce, health officer for Jackson County, released this information Thursday to inform area residents of the incident.

State regulations require the owner and operator of the underground storage tank to take immediate steps to contain and clean up a spill or overfill.

Notification also indicated IDEM and the owner/operator will conduct an investigation of the release to determine if corrective action is required.

Information will be received and released as the incident is mitigated.

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