JCCT preparing for season opener


Jackson County Community Theatre will open the 2022-23 mainstage season with the political comedy “The Outsider” at Royal Off-the-Square Theatre in Brownstown.

Show times and dates are 7:30 p.m. Sept. 16, 17, 23 and 24 and 2:30 p.m. Sept. 18.

Politics these days don’t seem to be anything to laugh about, but playwright Paul Slade Smith has presented this hilarious show that will not rile up anyone on either side of the blue/red divide but instead showcase the ridiculous foibles of politicians in general, according to a news release from JCCT.

Ned Newley doesn’t want to be governor. He’s terrified of public speaking. His poll numbers are in the basement. To his ever-supportive chief of staff, Dave, Ned seems destined to fail in a recall. Ned was lieutenant governor when a scandal forced the governor to resign, and he must step into the spotlight.

The play opens just after Ned has given his first speech as the new governor. It was possibly the worst speech in history. Dave and his pollster, Paige, are trying to do damage control after Ned’s performance. Political consultant Arthur Vance has the job of making Ned into a successful politician when nothing could be further from Ned’s wishes.

Add an inept but lovable office temp, Louise; an inquisitive reporter, Rachel; and a taciturn cameraman, A.C., and this witty script by Smith that skewers politics and celebrates democracy will definitely satisfy comedy lovers.

The director of the show is John Boyken. John Hardaway is production manager. Cast members are Bob Clark as Ned, Michelle Elkins as Paige, Zach Thompson as Dave, Amanda Dick as Louise, Larry Hartley as Arthur, Brinna Sharp as Rachel and Paul Angle as A.C. Paul Keller is tech engineer, and Gavin Grimes will be operating the sound system. Dylan Bridges will be on the stage crew.

The show’s content and language will be appropriate for all, though young children, not being much interested in politics, would not likely find it entertaining.

Tickets are on sale through the JCCT website, jcct.org, or in person at Artistic Impressions in Seymour and Ewing Unique Boutique in Brownstown. Tickets also may be purchased by calling 812-358-5228.

It is not too late to order season tickets for JCCT’s shows. Patrons with season tickets pay a discounted price for their tickets and always have excellent seats waiting. In case of a date conflict, exchanges are simple.

Another benefit popular with season ticket holders is the early opportunity to reserve dinner theater tickets for the annual show at The Pines Evergreen Room in February. Information about season tickets is available at jcct.org.

In addition to “The Outsider,” JCCT’s 2022-23 mainstage season includes “A Gift to Remember” in December; the musical “Xanadu” in February at the Evergreen Room; and “Dial ‘M’ for Murder” in April.

The Jackson County Young Artists’ Theatre youth theater season consists of the recent July show “The Enchanted Bookshop” and the musical “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” to be presented in January.

Information on all shows and auditions can be found at jcct.org.

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