Tax abatements approved for three companies


Four tax abatement requests from three different companies recently received approval from the Seymour City Council.

The companies receiving the abatements were Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals Inc., Metal Protection Lenoli USA and Touchpoint LLC.

A tax abatement is a 10-year period where companies pay 10% more on taxes each consecutive year. Companies do not pay any taxes on the first year of a tax abatement.

Jim Plump, executive director of Jackson County Industrial Development Corp., spoke on behalf of the three companies, and representatives for all companies were in attendance, whether it was in person or virtually.

Kremers was requesting an abatement for new manufacturing, logistics, distribution and IT equipment with manufacturing equipment being transferred from out of state.

The statement of benefits for Kremers’ request said the company pays $27 million in salaries for 407 employees, and the company does not have plans to hire additional employees with its improvements.

MPL USA is a Montreal, Canada-based powder coating services company that plans to operate at 2230 D Ave. East, Suite A, Seymour.

Its statement of benefits said the company plans to employ 11 people and pay out $576,618 in salaries.

Touchpoint LLC is a packaging manufacturer located at 2245 Killion Ave. in the Eastside Industrial Park.

The company submitted two requests for tax abatement — one for personal property and another for real estate.

A personal property tax abatement request was made by Touchpoint for corrugate manufacturing equipment, distribution support and IT equipment.

The company also requested a real estate tax abatement for the construction of additional space for manufacturing, distribution and supporting operations.

Touchpoint currently employs 88 people with salaries paying out $22 per hour and plans on adding 25 jobs that pay $20 per hour.

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