City sewer rates set to increase


Seymour sewer utility customers will see the second phase of a two-year rate increase this summer.

The 15.1% increase will go into effect in June but won’t be reflected on a customer’s bill until July.

The city council approved an overall sewer rate increase of 30.2% in 2021 but divided that over a two-year period so as not to impact residents all at once, according to a news release from the city’s public information specialist, January Rutherford.

Based on the average monthly use of 4,000 gallons of water, ratepayers within city limits will see their sewer bill increase by $4.16 a month, which is the same amount it increased last summer, she said. Those outside city limits who have city sewer hookup will see their bill increase by $6.25 per month.

Also included in the increase is the trash collection fee, which will go up another $2, bringing the total monthly trash fee to $7.

Before 2021, the last sewer rate increase in Seymour was in 2001, Rutherford said. The costs to provide sewer service and maintain the sewer collection system have continued to rise over the years.

Also, around this time, the sewer utility will be implementing a new online payment platform. The platform, called Invoice Cloud, will offer all of the familiar payment types along with PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

Customers also will be able to pay by text or phone, set up text and email reminders and review their payment history online. Customers who pay by credit card or other credit app will see a nominal fee for processing. Current ACH customers and those who pay with check via mail or in person will see no changes.

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