Thumbs up, thumbs down for April 22

Spreading joy

Thumbs up to everyone who organized all of the Easter eggs hunts in Jackson County in the days leading up to Easter. It’s always good to spread joy to the children, especially in light of what they and we all have had to endure the past couple of years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A related thumbs up goes to Heather Scott, who dressed up as the Easter bunny and helped spread some joy to children and adults in the area in the week leading up to Easter. The Brownstown woman spent her own money, time and energy to purchase candy, coloring books and other items to distribute to children and adults at area schools, restaurants, businesses and other locations.

Sharing knowledge

Thumbs up to the members of Seymour FFA who participated in an Ag Day for Seymour fifth-graders on April 14 at Cortland Elementary School. The event allows the FFA members to share their knowledge and experiences with younger children who may not have the chance to learn about farm animals and agriculture up close. The event also helps the FFA members practice their leadership skills and patience.

Braves of the Month

Thumbs up to the two girls and boy who recently earned the title of Brownstown Central Community School Corp. Student of the Month for March. The three, recognized during the April 12 board of school trustees meeting at the administration office, were fifth-grader Brielle Killey, seventh-grader Sawyer Brown and junior Madison Edwards. Each received a certificate for the honor.

Feeding a need

Thumbs up to Amy Schleter of Crothersville who recently received approval to start a community garden at Bard Street Park in that southeastern Jackson County town. Schleter said she wants to provide food for people who can’t afford food or get out of town to have a place to come for free fresh food. A number of other local residents have jumped on board to help Schleter reach her goal by serving on the board or donating items to get the project going.

Costly counterfeiting

Thumbs down to those who make and then try to distribute counterfeit money. Those efforts wind up costing the rest of us more in the long run in terms of higher prices.