WhoBuysCars.com launches


WhoBuysCars.com recently launched, giving automobile owners in southern Indiana and surrounding areas an outlet to sell vehicles.

Due to new vehicle inventory shortages, the demand and value for preowned vehicles has drastically increased. WhoBuysCars.com gives users an instant cash offer to sell their vehicles. Holding true to its slogan “Selling made simple,” WhoBuysCars.com will come to the customer, so there is no need to leave home. Even if money is owed on the vehicle, WhoBuysCars.com is still interested in buying it.

WhoBuysCars.com is powered by the Bob Poynter Family of Dealerships since 1979.

If you have a vehicle you are interested in selling, visit WhoBuysCars.com to get a cash offer in 10 seconds. It’s probably worth more than you think.

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