Novel Idea: Kristi Gray


Name: Kristi Gray

Job title: Circulation assistant at the Jackson County Public Library in Seymour and Medora

What’s the name of the book and author you are recommending?

“Survive the Night” by Riley Sager.

What made you want to pick up this book in the first place?

A coworker said she had read the blurbs about it and that it sounded like a great book. I read the summary and wanted to give it a try.

Once you got into the book, what made you want to keep reading it?

You are on the edge of your seat the entire way through. The suspense of what is going to happen next keeps you coming back for more. I couldn’t put the book down. I read it in two days.

Once you finished the book, what did you like about it?

I liked that it was unique and loaded with suspense. I also liked that it talks about mental health. I think it is important to normalize mental health and work on erasing the stigma of shame and negativity that often comes with it.

What is the book about?

Charlie, the female main character, is dealing with the death of her best friend/college roommate. She was murdered, and the killer is still on the loose. Charlie decides to take a trip home to clear her head. She can’t drive herself, and since the book is based in the year 1991, she found someone to take her home via a community board on campus. You are taken with her on this journey of riding with a complete stranger while still trying to overcome the feelings she is having from the loss of her friend.

Why would you recommend this book to others?

This book was really good. Also, I’m picky about the endings. If the ending is bad, it will ruin the whole story for me. This has a shocking turn of events and a wonderful ending. It would also make a great suspense/action movie. If you read it, you’ll know exactly what I mean. This book is available at the Jackson County Public Library. You also can check it out from home on our Libby app as a book or an audiobook. Happy reading!

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