Medora Town Council encourages cleanup around town


MEDORA — Medora officials continue to tackle unkempt properties that are in violation of a town ordinance.

Sparked by a statement made by resident John Hill during a recent meeting, the town council and Marshal Jeff Walters agree action needs to be taken to clean things up.

Walters said one resident told him they want the town to look better due to several new businesses opening and drawing people to Medora.

Another person told him there’s a residence that needs cleaned up on the outskirts of town on the way to the Medora Brick Plant historic site, which also is bringing people to the area.

“If you come into the town from the Sparksville way or really from my way, it looks pretty bad,” Hill said.

“People are talking about it,” Walters told the council.

There also are unlicensed or unregistered vehicles around town. Those have to be off of the road or stored indoors and not in view of the public.

“We’ve got a lot of them sitting around,” Hill said.

The properties and vehicles are among those in violation of the town’s nuisance ordinance. The council can provide names and addresses of property or vehicle owners to town attorney Matt Lorenzo so he can send them a letter and give them 20 days to resolve the issue.

If they don’t comply, a per-day fine can be issued.

Clerk-Treasurer Betty Campbell said if fines come into play, residents typically will take care of the issue.

“The only way you can get them to do anything is get in their pocketbook,” she said. “You can give out the notices, but then it always stops there.”

Walters said he is willing to help.

“If you guys come up with a plan of what you want done, I’ll do my best to enforce it,” Walters said to the council.

Town employee Steve Ingle said past councils have given residents an extension to resolve an ordinance violation, and that never took of the issue.

“I think if you’re going to do it and once you set a time frame, stick to it because that’s only being fair to everybody,” Walters said.

“In my honest opinion, we’ve gone above and beyond being fair,” council President Jerry Ault said.

In recent years, the town has offered cleanup days for residents, going as far as bringing in dumpsters to fill and haul off and even having volunteers go to homes to help clean up.

“But there are a lot of people that can (clean up their property) that don’t choose to,” Walters said.

Town officials encourage people to take pride in not only their property but their community.

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