Paper, plastic and aluminum cups now accepted in Rumpke’s recycling program


The cup is out of the bag.

Rumpke Waste and Recycling is now accepting disposable paper, plastic and aluminum cups in curbside and drop box programs. Recyclables collected by Rumpke are transported to the company’s regional recycling facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“As a recycling leader, Rumpke is constantly working with end users to develop solutions for expanded recycling opportunities,” said Jeff Snyder, Rumpke’s director of recycling. “We take an upfront and honest approach to recycling and only accept items we know will be recycled. We’re thrilled to announce this addition to our program and remain committed to growing our recycling operation.”

Recent innovations in paper and plastic recycling have resulted in commitments from end users to accept and recycle more material. Paper mills have pledged to recycle paper cups, and advancements in plastic recycling have increased the demand for additional types of plastic products.

“Recently, Rumpke announced the addition of plastic tubs, made from polypropylene. With consumer-driven demand for more environmentally friendly options, more and more companies are transitioning to polypropylene cups,” Snyder said.

Examples of acceptable cups include paper and plastic beverage cups from fast-food restaurants (Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc.), plastic souvenir cups and Ball brand aluminum cups.

Additional guidelines for recycling cups with Rumpke include:Plastic lids should be reattached to plastic cups.

Plastic lids from paper cups should be removed and discarded.

Straws and stoppers are not accepted.

Colored Solo brand cups are not accepted. These cups are made from polystyrene, and Rumpke currently does not have a secure, long-term end user for this material.

Ceramic and glass cups are not accepted. In fact, they can be damaging to the glass recovery process.

K-cups are not accepted.

Paper cups processed by Rumpke will be made into cardboard and paperboard products, plastic cups will be used to make new plastic containers and aluminum cups will be made into aluminum cans.

Rumpke customers can recycle the following items:Plastic bottles, jugs, tubs (butter, sour cream and cottage cheese tubs and yogurt and fruit cups) and disposable plastic cups, not Solo cups


Glass bottles and jars (any color)

Aluminum cups and cans and steel cans

Paper, paper board (cereal boxes, 12-pack containers, mail, etc.), cardboard and paper cups

All items should be clean, empty and placed in recycling containers loose.

For information about Rumpke’s recycling program, visit

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