Owls edge out Owen Valley for second win of season


Piper Hawkins placed first in all-around to help the Seymour gymnasts defeat Owen Valley 89.95-89.65 Monday night at Gymnastics Lane.

“Piper had a great meet,” Seymour coach Angie Mellencamp said. “Tonight she put in back hand, back hand on beam which was huge.”

Hawkins was first in floor with a 9.0, third on bars at 7.0, sixth in vault at 8.4 and seventh on beam with 6.45

“These judges were a lot tighter, not as forgiving, but that still does not excuse some of the errors we left on the beam,” Mellencamp said. “Our vaults weren’t as strong as they were (against Columbus East).

“Floor was our highest scoring event. I’d say we executed the best on floor. We know what corrections we need to make on bars to get our scores up. We need to get in the gym and make it happen. I think the longer Christmas break this time has played a role in the training. We’ve been in the gym but in years past, as soon as break was over we really got our nose to the grindstone.”

Lillie Cote placed second in floor exercise with 8.7, tied for fourth on bars at 6.8, and was fifth on vault with an 8.45.

“My floor was really good,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting to do that well concerning the rest of the meet, but I really performed and got a good score. This meet we had a lot harder judges, and considering the judges my score was really good. My vault was good. My warm up was not good so I wasn’t expecting to do what I did, but I was really proud of what I did for vault.”

Cote thought she did a nice job cleaning things up on bars as well.

“Bars I really improved,” she said. “The first meet I had bent legs, and this meet I had really straight legs, so I was really proud of myself for getting in the gym this week and working and improving my scores.”

Cote said the judges deduct from a gymnasts’ score if her form isn’t perfect.

“Your toes have to be pointed, your legs have to be together, straight and not bent,” she explained. “It’s really hard scoring from other sports. Going forward I need to work on having a better attitude, and the whole team needs to improve.”

Grace Lewis was fourth in all-around with a 29.7, and Mellencamp said she was pleased to see Nev Cockerham place fifth in all-around with 28.45.

Thursday’s home meet with Franklin Central has been moved to Feb. 22 because Franklin Central has COVID-19 issues. Seymour’s next meet will be Jan. 20 at Shelbyville.

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