Christmas Basket Fund grows to $12,563


The 76th annual Christmas Basket Fund jumped to $12,563.08 on Tuesday with recent donations of $285.

The new donations include:

In memory of Elizabeth Reed, $25, from Greg and Duane

Merry Christmas, $50, from Chuck and Jane Thomes

In memory of our parents, Ernest and Eleanor Roberts and Eldor and Ruth Spieker, $50, from Mike and Brenda Spieker

In memory of Barbara and Earl Hillebrand and Margaret and John Jarvis, $50, from Kathy and Bill Jarvis

In memory of Odas Higginbotham Sr. and Ronnie (Higgie) Higginbotham, $25, from Amy, Murl, Tristan and Cooper Robinson, JeanAnn and Shawn Thomas and Bonnie and Bud Daab.

In memory of Mildred and Warren Daab, $25, from Bud and Bonnie Daab, Amy, Murl, Tristan and Cooper Robinson and JeanAnn and Shawn Thomas.

In memory of Harold and Louise Bush, $60, from your sons and daughters, Mary, Bonnie, Wilma, William and David

Donations may be mailed to or dropped off at American Legion Post 89, The Tribune or any JCBank branch. Donors and their dedications are published daily in The Tribune.

Donations allow for $50 JayC Food Store gift cards to be distributed to less-fortunate people in the area whose applications are approved.

Businesses, corporations, service groups, churches, individuals or families may donate. Donors may contribute anonymously if they choose or may dedicate their donations in memory or in honor of others.

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