A new COVID economy and lifestyle


To the editor:

I read this morning the Fed will ease up on COVID stimulus and endeavor to control of inflation. Disasters or any crisis seems to stimulate a change in society. COVID is no different in that respect. There is open rebellion to government mandates. At any other time, they would be considered reasonable. There are untold numbers of employment opportunities while employers scramble to hire people leaving jobs for a better job or improved life.

What can be expected from such a confusion of events. I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future. We can only look at the past and present forces bringing on the change.

In the near term, we will see new faces in politics as people have lost confidence and no longer trust those in government. We will see people return to their churches, in turn the churches will be more community active.

We may see a return to more traditional family. One parent at home while the spouse earns support for the household. Single-parent households and need for day care will decline. Families will come to realize the cost of child care and the loss teaching the moral standards of the family outweigh the slight increase from a second income for the family.

Labor may demand of employers a wage and benefits to allow greater family life. Wages high enough to pay rent/mortgage, vacation and holidays off, improved medical, along with value and respect in the workplace, work rules will be replaced by suggestions to settle conflicting ideas. We will need to find a way to keep one parent home and not allow inflation to destroy economic gains.

We will see more and more automation of repetitive task. Robotic replacement of laborers with programmers and technicians. Quality will improve with automated statistical process controlled by computers analyzing every detail of production.

The problem with supply train logistics and employee issues are not confined to manufacturing and production. COVID has affected every aspect of our lives. There is possibility of improvement, as there is a desire for improvement among the population. If and when that occurs, there will be an attempt to change the process and authority to mandate and impose government policy to regulate the lives of the governed. Through the election process, the public will restore their right to decide what is best for them with that will return confidence in our leaders.

William Gerhard, Scipio

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