Ribbon cut at new Edward Jones office in Brownstown

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With a longtime interest in stock markets and some persuasion from family members, Ryan Kemp made the jump to become an Edward Jones financial advisor.

After he started working for Adam Jackson’s office in Seymour in 2018, he did all of the studying, regulatory training and exams to become licensed.

Last year, an opportunity arose to have his own office in Brownstown. After Christmas, he and his branch office administrator, Kathy Barber, moved into the renovated building at 128 S. Main St., Suite A.

On Sept. 3, they finally were able to have their ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, giving them an opportunity to showcase what the business offers and how the renovated building was able to maintain its historic charm.

“We already serve a lot of the community that’s here,” Kemp said. “We saw an opportunity with a great location to make it more convenient for the clients we’re already serving in this area.”

Joining Kemp and Barber at the recent ceremony were Dan Robison and Sasha Norman with the chamber, Bill Hiday with 128 Properties LLC, family members and friends.

“We’re very grateful to be in Brownstown,” Kemp said, noting they are members of Brownstown Ewing Main Street and have supported the Brownstown Central High School football team. “I know it’s a tight-knit community. … We try to be as involved with that as they’ll allow us to be. We’re just really happy to be here. It has been a great blessing. Things have been going very well.”

Kemp said Edward Jones offers a variety of services. Anyone who has a job and contributes to retirement or anybody who wants to retire has a need to talk to a financial advisor.

Saving for college, estates, legacy plans, life insurance planning and general savings are some other services.

“The slogan for Edward Jones and what we try to be is ‘Complete human-centered wealth management’ — anything from sending little Jill or Johnny to college to ‘Am I going to have enough to retire on?’ or ‘Hey, I want to leave X amount to a charity or family or whatever,’” Kemp said.

Edward Jones also works with investments, and Kemp is willing to visit local businesses and lead an Investing 101 lesson.

“It is meeting with clients and really figuring out what’s important to them,” Kemp said. “Everyone’s goals are a little different, so based on what clients tell me, we’ll create a plan for them through different investments, however that may be.”

All services are focused on the client.

“One thing I make sure that they know when we’re sitting down to go through this stuff, ‘It’s not about me. I’m here to help guide you along,’” Kemp said. “If we’re going to think of this as we’re going to Indianapolis and I’m driving, you just give me directions, and I’ll tell you. You tell me wherever you want to go, and I’ll give you directions of how to get there.”

Kemp’s side of the 128 S. Main St. building consists of a reception area where Barber works, Kemp’s office, a conference room and an office with a client workstation.

“Hopefully one day, there will be a demand for another person here, and I’ll gladly host like Adam Jackson and Steve Shoemaker did for me,” he said.

Kemp said he likes how his renovated office turned out. The building was constructed in 1902.

“Bill kind of laid the foundation for it. My wife (Megan Kemp) kind of had some ideas behind it, as well, but Bill did a fantastic job of getting this building exactly the way we wanted it,” Kemp said. “It has been nice to bring some life to a small town Main Street.”

Suite B is available for rent from Hiday and his business partner, Steve Cissna.

“I know specifically here in Brownstown, the roots run deep here in the community,” Kemp said. “I grew up in a small town, as well, and I know how that stuff goes, and it’s nice to see. We’re already seeing another building downtown being revitalized, so I hope that continues.”