Local police donate supplies for hurricane relief


By Mitchell Banks | The Tribune

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Three local policemen came together last week to gather donations from the community to be able to donate supplies for people impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Adam Nicholson, who works for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, said he was watching television coverage of the hurricane and saw a family say a lot of supplies came in after Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005, but not as much was coming in with Ida.

When he was talking with his co-worker, Justin Amos, Nicholson said, “I’d like to be able to do something to help.”

In response, Amos said, “Let’s do it.”

Nicholson, Amos and fellow Officer Aaron Wilkins received food, water, cleaning supplies, blankets, pillows, towels, feminine products, toilet paper and paper towels to be able to provide for hurricane victims.

Brownstown Church of Christ, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cornerstone Community Church and Tampico Christian Church all contributed donations toward hurricane relief.

Aldi Food Market donated bottled water, JayC Food Stores donated a pallet of food and the Jackson County Sertoma Club donated gas cards and money for food for the officers for the trip on the way to donate supplies.

The three officers will be taking a trip to drive all of the supplies down. They’re working with the American Red Cross to distribute the items. They said they have yet to receive more information about where they will be going.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed about doing,” Nicholson said. “I never thought I would have the chance to do it.”

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