Scoop the Loop fills downtown Seymour streets


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Sitting on the tailgate of their truck, Denny and Shelly Deweese and Audrina Rose found the perfect spot in downtown Seymour on Saturday night.

As various types of vehicles went by at a slow pace for the annual Scoop the Loop, Denny and Audrina often lifted their cellphones up to take pictures of ones that caught their eye.

For the Deweeses, it’s nostalgic because they remember scooping the loop back in the day when it was the thing to do on the weekends.

“We were up here every Friday and Saturday night,” Denny said. “I remember just spending 18 to 20 hours polishing my car up and putting the stereo in.”

Denny said his vehicle then was a 1967 Chevelle. He doesn’t have the car anymore, but he can reminisce when seeing Chevelles at Scoop the Loop.

“I see several of them coming through here. Man, I thought, ‘Whoa! I wish I still had it,’” he said, smiling.

For Audrina, she’s among the younger generation that’s getting a feel for Scoop the Loop since it was revived in 2011.

“She’s learning all about cars,” Shelly said of her great-niece. “She loves cars. We brought her and her sister down for Cars and Guitars, and they took pictures of every single car almost. I think she likes the colors and the different styles.”

These days with Scoop the Loop, Denny and Shelly prefer to park and watch the vehicles instead of participating.

“I like being able to see friends as they come through. I’ve seen a couple people I know,” Shelly said.

They both are glad Scoop the Loop is back as a tradition.

“I think it’s great considering what this country is going through right now with COVID. It’s a great idea. It gets people out and about,” Shelly said.

“It just helps everybody relax and get all of the bad things going on off your mind,” Denny said. “People can bring them up here and show off their cars and do what we did years ago.”

Across Chestnut Street, Joe and Beth Lewis of North Vernon sat in chairs in the back of a 1983 Chevrolet El Camino.

North Vernon does Scoop the Loop multiple times throughout the year, while Seymour only does it once in August. They cruised in their car in North Vernon, but they chose to be spectators in Seymour.

“You get to see everything, and I don’t have to worry about using gas or burning up,” Joe said, smiling.

Both remember participating in Scoop the Loop back in the day in Seymour.

“Being able to see your friends, that’s the thing,” Beth said. “We always came into town on Friday nights to see your friends and Saturday nights to see your friends and just sit and chill.”

She said the revitalized version of Scoop the Loop shows the younger kids that they can have fun together riding around downtown Seymour.

“This is a party,” Beth said. “You can go down here and talk to somebody that’s got an old vehicle sitting down here. It’s community. It’s fun.”

Chris and Connie Hoskins of Crothersville were back this year participating in Scoop the Loop.

Connie said in the late 1980s, they couldn’t wait to come to Seymour to cruise around downtown.

“Back in the ‘80s, the fun was meeting up with your friends,” she said.

On Saturday, they rode around in their white 1977 Chevrolet Corvette.

“Now we’re older, it’s fun to go back and try and relive a little of our teenage years,” Connie said. “We’ve came and just sat and watched the cars for the last five years. This year, we decided to bring the Corvette. We had fun.”

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