Peacock family meets for annual reunion


The 94th Peacock reunion was Aug. 8 at the Jennings Township Conservation Club.

It was a hot, humid day of 91 degrees, and 80 people came out to fight the hot weather and the prospect of COVID-19 repeat.

William Homer “Billy” Snowden III gave the invocation before box lunches from Subway in Crothersville were served. Joseph and Karen Payne donated the sandwiches.

The Peacock committee reunion decided to be on the safe side and be cautious and serve box lunches instead of having a pitch-in luncheon. It was different, but because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the committee wanted to keep everyone safe.

All of the sandwiches that were left were given to churches or to individuals who wanted them.

Roscoe Peacock called the reunion to order. Eunice Lacey read the secretary and treasurer’s reports. She also read a memorial poem entitled “Don’t Cry for Me” for Evelyn Peacock, wife of Farris Peacock, daughter-in-law of Herman and Olive Peacock, and Chester Peacock, son of Maynard and Estill Peacock.

The officers for 2022 are Pandora Evens, president; Tim Peacock, vice president; Lacey, secretary and treasurer; Joe and Cindy Clements, Trina Johnson and Misty Peacock, entertainment committee; and Mike Payne and Everett and Bobby Peacock, refreshment committee.

Joe Payne presented a gift to Lacey for serving as the secretary and treasurer for 51 years. He also presented a gift to William Snowden III for all of the community service he has given for those who have needed help in Austin and Scott County.

The entertainment committee gave gifts to the following: Carnet Peacock, oldest man present; Sue Payne, oldest woman present; and Angie Peacock, Virgil Peacock’s daughter who had a birthday on that day, 43 years of age. She received gifts and everyone sang a big “Happy Birthday” to her.

The committee also gave pins to all of the people who have served in any way during the COVID-19 crisis, including nurses, military, social workers, pastors, etc. A game of guessing who the person was by them writing a little about themselves, “Guess Who Am I,” also was played.

Everett Peacock gave away peacock gifts to everyone present.

Next year’s reunion will be at 12:30 p.m. Aug. 14 at the Jennings Township Conservation Club. It will be a pitch-in unless there is another COVID-19 outbreak. Then it might be a box lunch or bring your own sack lunch.

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