Crossroads Senior Apartment Homes now leasing


Hard hat workers have been on bucket lifts putting up siding, working diligently to finish the new senior housing development in Seymour.

Thrive Alliance and Jonesboro Investments Corp. are developing the 64-unit Crossroads Senior Apartment Homes on just more than 2 acres at 500 S. Poplar St. south of the Schneck Medical Center campus.

The apartments are being constructed on the northeast corner of the property, which is bordered by Poplar, Laurel, Pine and Oak streets.

Indianapolis-based TWG Development is constructing the apartment building, where Thrive Alliance hopes to welcome the first tenants by the end of this year.

Mark Lindenlaub, executive director of Thrive Alliance, said the location provides a unique opportunity for seniors to have affordable housing for independent living. Thrive Alliance, based in Columbus, is a human services nonprofit organization that provides housing, social and caregiving services to southern Indiana.

Construction of the $12.5 million Crossroads Senior Apartment Homes for senior citizens age 55 and older began last summer.

“We are going to push through and get the building finished by mid-November,” said John Lafary, who works for TWG Development and is the site superintendent.

Kevin Johnson, director of housing for Thrive Alliance and the construction manager, and Lafary recently led a walk-through of the partially completed apartment complex.

“There will be an elevator in the building, which holds 24 one-bedroom apartments, 40 two-bedroom apartments and seven handicapped-accessible units,” Johnson said. “The seven will be FHA (Fair Housing Act) accessible, not full-blown ADA accessible.”

Accessibility requirements for multifamily housing, both privately owned and publicly assisted housing, regardless of whether they are rental or for sale units, must meet the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act when they are located in a building of four or more units.

Serving as the local Area Agency on Aging, Thrive Alliance is developing a partnership with Schneck to provide onsite access to health screenings, health education and counseling services.

Residents will have access to nutrition education, dementia care and other support programs and resources to give them the ability to age in place, remain active and stay connected.

“There will be two nice west-facing windows in the exercise room, and the equipment they’re going to have in here is the same equipment that Schneck Medical Center uses over there for therapy equipment,” Johnson said. “We’re shooting to be able to do a full cardio workout in this room with the medicine balls and the pass-through bicycles, which are easy entry.”

Johnson and others from Thrive Alliance had visited Schneck for suggestions as to what type of exercise equipment would be good for the tenants, so that’s what will be put in place at Crossroads.

He said they’re also planning to have measured markers to show people how far they’ve walked, if they’ve walked up the stairs and back down, for instance, and also out on the sidewalk, if they are keeping track of their distance.

Near Seymour’s downtown, Crossroads Senior Apartment Homes will be within walking distance of shopping, dining and parks facilities for recreation.

“The entertainment area and community room will open out to cut curbs so that Schneck will be able to pull their golf cart right under the awning to pick people up and drop people off,” Johnson said. “The main entrance will be coming in from the parking lot, and as soon as people come in, the elevator can take them up.”

There also is a balcony on the third floor right off of Poplar Street.

“We’ll have lawn furniture out here with a nice view toward the hospital, and I believe this will be a highly utilized area,” Johnson said. “It’ll be nice for the folks to spend time out here, and there will also be a gazebo and sitting area over on the west end of the property.”

Another feature of the apartment complex is all of the utilities will be located in the hallway.

“When a filter needs changed, no one will have to knock on your door and disturb you,” he said. “If your water heater needs changed out, we’ve got access out here in the hall.”

Johnson said each floor has its own laundry room with washers and dryers, and there is a maintenance area where there are chutes that drop down from the top floor and go down into the dumpster, which rolls out, gets picked up and comes back in.

Since the apartments are income-based, tenants will have to be within a certain income range to qualify. Rent costs are expected to be between $525 and $700 per unit. Units will be 800 square feet for one bedroom/one bath and 900 square feet for two bedrooms/one and a half baths.

The four-story complex has been designed with energy features to lower costs for residents and other elements to increase safety and socialization for people with disabilities or movement impairments.

According to information provided by Thrive Alliance, a biophilic design is being utilized to help create a dementia-friendly environment, which means differing construction materials and variations in features will stimulate the senses and improve alertness and cognitive functioning while connecting occupants to the natural environment.

South-facing windows and open layouts for common areas will provide natural lighting, and variations in colors of the hallways will define and help identify areas to reduce confusion and disorientation.

Johnson said they are leasing now and expect to have people moving into the apartments around the beginning of December.

“Our goal is to move in at least eight people a month after we open, and I believe we will fill up fast,” he said. “We will have someone local to take leasing information within the next week and a half.”

Anyone interested in leasing an apartment at Crossroads can call 317-264-1833 and select Option 3 to be placed on the wait list.

Johnson said the project coincides with Thrive Alliance’s 40th year in operation, and they are currently working with the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce to arrange a grand opening at some point in the near future.

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