Letter: Return of wallet appreciated, missing money not


To the editor:

On the evening of July 5, I made my last stop of the day at Dollar Tree to purchase several items I had not bought that day. I paid the clerk and exited the store. Returning to my car, I did not realize my wallet fell from my pocket on to the parking lot pavement. Not until the next day.

I retraced my journey to several locations which I had visited the prior day. No one had any knowledge of a billfold turned in. 

My last stop was Dollar Tree again. Entering the store, I asked the clerk if a wallet had been turned in. She replied "Yes, can you identify it?" which I did.  I examined the contents. My VA, DAV, driver’s license, insurance card were all intact. 

When I opened the money fold, it was completely empty.

The loss of the money does concern me very much. What are we teaching at home? Is stealing all right?

Hoping the money stolen is used in a productive manner, such as food, rent or medicine. If it’s used to buy drugs, alcohol, etc., shame on you. 

Again, I want to thank whoever turned in my wallet.

Virgil Schulte, Seymour 

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