Seymour advances one to next round of MLB Pitch Hit and Run event


When Seymour hosted the MLB Pitch Hit and Run event July 6 at Freeman Field, there was a chance one of its winners could advance to continue competing in the event.

After waiting about a week to see the rest of the results from the state of Indiana, one participant from that day at Freeman Field will be moving on.

Maverick Terry, who is from Vallonia, won the 7/8 age group in the MLB Pitch, Hit and Run event last week. With his scores, Terry has been selected to move on and will be competing at Great American Ball Park (the home of the Cincinnati Reds) on July 24 for a chance of competing at the 2021 World Series.

The way the event was scored was each kid had the chance to throw six pitches and tried to throw a strike. They hit six baseballs off of a tee and tried to hit it the farthest, and then they ran from second base to home plate and got timed.

Kids earned points based on how well they did in each event, and those points accumulated to a total that decided the winner from each age group.

Terry accumulated 672 points when he competed in Seymour. His pitching score was 150, he hit the ball 126 feet, which converted into 240 points, and he ran a 7.18, which converted into 282 points.

This was the first time Seymour had ever hosted an MLB Pitch Hit and Run event, too. The Boys and Girls Club of Seymour was given a $10,000 grant from the MLB, and holding this event was a requirement of receiving that grant.

“I loved it,” Brandon Terrell told The Tribune after the event. Terrell is the athletic director at the Boys and Girls Club of Seymour. “I think it’s really cool MLB is giving the kids a chance to go to the World Series and get to play in it.”

There will be four different age groups on both the girls and boys side on July 24 at Great American Ball Park with three kids in each age group. Of the 24 boys and girls competing that day, Terry is one of eight from Indiana.

He will be competing in the 7/8 age group against GianCarlo Garcia-Altuve from Cincinnati and Atticus Harris from Georgetown, Kentucky.

If Terry were to advance, he’d get the chance to compete at and attend the 2021 World Series on October.

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