Family sues airline, saying aborted landing ruined vacation


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina family has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines saying a turbulent and aborted landing in 2019 caused injuries and forced the family to forgo much of a planned vacation.

Roger Brunton and Dawn Rippy-Brunton of Cleveland County took a trip with her parents, which the lawsuit says they expected to be their last big vacation together because of her parents’ ages, The Charlotte Observer reported. According to the lawsuit, the Bruntons and the Rippys were bound for Las Vegas, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

When the flight from Charlotte reached Las Vegas, the aircraft bounced off the tarmac and went back into the air, the lawsuit says. The two couples had seat belts fastened at the time, but the plane’s movements led to their injuries, according to the lawsuit.

After the aircraft landed safely, the four family members sought medical care. The lawsuit added that they were forced to cancel many of their planned activities because of their injuries, which weren’t specified in the court document.

An attorney for the family declined comment to the newspaper, as did an attorney for American Airlines. An airline spokesman didn’t immediately respond Thursday to a request by The Associated Press for comment.

The lawsuit alleges negligence by American Airlines and demands more than $25,000 for the “pain and suffering” each of the four endured. It also accuses the pilots of acting recklessly and being seduced by a “ ‘get there at all costs’ mentality.”

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