Police: Don’t leave children or pets in hot vehicle


The Seymour Police Department recently has responded to multiple welfare checks on kids and pets left in parked cars while the driver attends to other business.

The department released a simple message on its Facebook page: Please don’t do this.

Most of the people told police they were only planning on being away for a short time.

There are two issues with that:

  1. Heat rises rapidly in vehicles in the sun. Even shaded parking spots or leaving the windows wide open only knocks the overall temperature down about 10 to 15 degrees.
  2. A "quick trip" into the store can easily turn into a much longer foray.

Police say to not leave anything of value, anything living or even sealed soda cans in your vehicle.

"This heat is no joke and can be fatal," SPD said in the post.

The department also thanked the concerned citizens for notifying police of these incidents so an officer can check on the occupants.

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