Park improvements continue in Medora



Medora Park Board President Shannon Hunsucker issued a callout to town residents.

"Bring a shovel, rake, paint equipment and some elbow grease. Let’s make our park someplace we can be proud of," she posted on the Medora Town Park Facebook page ahead of the May 22 park work day.

Residents responded.

On that day, they painted the dugouts and concession stand, repaired the plumbing in the restroom, fixed a dugout bench, the concession stand window and a restroom door frame, cleaned the concession stand, removed the weeds underneath the bleachers and put in new ground cover and installed a piece of playground equipment in the toddler area, weeded around it and put down new black plastic and pea gravel.

While a lot was accomplished that day, there are still tasks to tackle, Hunsucker recently told the three members of the Medora Town Council during a meeting.

The restroom doors need painted, a leak in the roof of one of the restrooms caused the ceiling to rot and needs to be fixed and soffit needs replaced. Hunsucker said she’s looking for people who can do that work.

She also said a grant application has been submitted to the Community Foundation of Jackson County in hopes of receiving funding for a fence, a couple of grills and picnic tables.

Lighting at the ballfield needs to be addressed, too, she said.

"We flipped one of the breakers, and one of the four came on," she said.

Town employee Steve Ingle said all of the lights were replaced about six years ago.

"All of them did work, but I don’t know what’s going on now," he said.

In talking to some people, Hunsucker said changing all of the lights to LED was highly recommended.

"We’re going to have a higher cost upfront, but the electric bill on the backside of it will be a fraction of what it would be otherwise," she said. "The LEDs they say will last for years and years, whereas the others will need replaced quite often, and I think they are saying it’s like $200 for a replacement on them."

Hunsucker said she realizes lighting will be a costly project.

"That’s going to take some fundraising, but hopefully in the next couple of years, try to get some funds together to be able to get that taken care of," she said.

She also was happy to report Medora Pentecostal Church is moving forward with its plans for a Fourth of July event at the park, starting at 6 p.m. That celebration will be open to the public and include a food truck, concessions, games, live music, giveaways and fireworks.

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The ballfield at the Medora Town Park can be reserved by calling Shannon Hunsucker at 812-569-0701.

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