Hometown Health Care Heroes: Rishi Sharma

The Tribune is spotlighting local health care workers.

Whether they are nurses, doctors or other professionals, these men and women are highly trained to help people.

Name: Rishi Sharma, SMSN-PMHNP, BSN, RN, ASBA, CNMS

Age: 27

Hometown: Seymour

Residence: Seymour

Education: University of Kentucky (psych-mental health nurse practitioner, MSN — PMHNP, August 2020 to present); Galen College of Nursing (Bachelor of Science in nursing, student ambassador, June 2019); ATA College (licensed practical nurse diploma, December 2016); Ivy Tech Community College (associate degree in business administration, dean’s list, May 2017)

Occupation: Travel nurse across the United States in hospital settings (travel hospital 1, registered nurse in emergency room and med surge, triage nurse, nursing preceptor, charge nurse and COVID nurse; travel hospital 2, registered nurse, house float nurse in intensive care unit, progressive care unit, transition care unit, antepartum, telemetry, oncology, ortho, surgery, bariatric unit and med surge, WOW Program, DAISY Award and critical care COVID nurse; travel hospital 3, registered nurse, house float and admission nurse in intensive care unit, cardiac stepdown, telemetry unit, ortho surgery, med surge, psychiatric, long-term rehab) and COVID nurse; travel hospital 4, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse in psychiatric unit and WOW Program; and travel hospital 5, licensed practical nurse in psychiatric unit)

Years of service: 4½ years

Awards or honors received: Dean’s list in graduate program and DAISY Award for health care management

What made you want to become a health care worker?

Becoming a first responder is a unique talent, which every first responder out there has their own calling as to how they will be serving back to the citizens of this country. For me, I have been called to serve the community as a registered nurse by helping the sick during the sickest time of their lives. As a first responder, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted out of life or where would I see myself in the next 10 years. Before I graduated from the nursing program, I was enrolled in the Indiana State Police Academy program thinking I am going to make my career out of this profession. Due to school and work conflicts, I have decided to turn away from the law enforcement profession and continue with the health care profession.

Did you have any influences in choosing your career?

My parents were my biggest influences as to why I got into the nursing profession. As I graduated from high school, I was enrolled in an engineering and computer science program, and I had full intentions of graduating from Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus; however, my parents wanted me to go into a profession that will always be a demand for and plenty of job opportunities in the near future. This is how I got into the medical profession.

What do you like about your current position?

One of the perks that I like about my profession is getting to interact with new patients with a diversity of mixed cultural, languages, beliefs and their background of origin.

What does it mean to you to serve your community and help people?

As a health care professional, I am privileged to serve this community by getting the opportunity to interact with numerous patients with multiple medical diagnoses and prognoses. As the demand for patient acuity is increasing every day, I was determined to provide a service to this country by serving the people who are in desperate need of healing, recovery and emotional state.

Many people refer to health care workers and first responders as heroes. Why would you consider them heroic?

First responders are heroes because failure and quitting are not an option. First responders are the ones who go above and beyond the standard requirement. They genuinely care for the people and are willing to sacrifice their own life for others.

Do you have any hobbies outside of your day job?

Spending time with friends and family, swimming, hiking, walking at historical places, jets and traveling abroad

Favorite music group/artist/genre: Lovelytheband, popular music, 99.7 DJX

Favorite food: Chili, Indian tandoori chicken with white rice

Favorite TV show: “1000-lb Sisters”

Favorite movie: “A Quiet Place Part II”

Favorite sports team: University of Kentucky basketball

Favorite vacation spot: Clearwater, Florida

Role model: Bruce Marchiano

Best advice: Never give up on your passion. Llife will always throw unexpected battles at you at the most inconvenient time of your life. Never let anyone bring you down in life, and always believe in yourself and keep God the first in your priorities.

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