Photo album stolen from ‘Perfect Storm’ bar returned


GLOUCESTER, Mass. — A precious photo album stolen from the Massachusetts bar made famous in Sebastian Junger’s 1997 book “The Perfect Storm” and the 2000 movie of the same name has been returned with a note of apology, the bar’s owners said.

The album was delivered via U.S. Mail to the Crow’s Nest in Gloucester on Wednesday morning, owner Gregg Sousa told the Gloucester Daily Times. It came from Georgia.

“We really are thrilled to have it back,” Sousa said.

It appeared to be unharmed.

“I just wanted to return this,” the accompanying note said. “It was taken by a drunk friend, and I do not feel that was right. SORRY.”

The album, which contained irreplaceable pictures of regulars — some deceased — along with George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and other stars of the Oscar-nominated movie was kept under the bar, but made available to curious patrons who wanted to take a look.

It was last seen Sunday in the possession of four customers — two men and two women. When they left, staff noticed the album was missing. The only evidence was surveillance video showing one of the men carrying the red-covered album.

Sousa said he will now get the photos digitized.

The book and movie tell the true story of the six-man crew of the Gloucester-based fishing vessel Andrea Gail, lost at sea during a massive storm in 1991.

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