Ivory Coast’s former president Gbagbo attends Mass in public


ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast — Former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo has made one of his first public appearances since returning home after nearly a decade in exile, attending Mass on Sunday as residents of his hometown made preparations for his visit.

Gbagbo, who was acquitted of crimes against humanity two years ago at the International Criminal Court, showed up at St. Paul Cathedral in Abidjan, where he was greeted by Cardinal Jean Pierre Kutwa.

The ex-president returned to Ivory Coast on Thursday after the government allowed his return. Earlier this year, the ICC upheld his acquittal on charges related to the post-electoral violence that engulfed Ivory Coast after its 2010 president election.

Gbagbo, the incumbent leader, refused to acknowledge defeat to Alassane Ouattara, sparking months of clashes between their supporters that left more than 3,000 people dead. Ouattara ultimately prevailed and has been the president of Ivory Coast ever since.

Some victims’ groups have expressed dismay over his homecoming, saying that Ivorian authorities should now try him for his role in the conflict.

However, in his hometown of Mama over the weekend, jubilant supporters began making preparations in hopes that Gbagbo will soon pay the community a visit and visit his mother’s grave. On Saturday, dozens of supporters gathered just a few blocks from Gbagbo’s house in Mama, where they sang and danced to celebrate his return to Ivory Coast.

Many said they hoped Gbagbo could now help the country overcome the current economic crisis and high unemployment rates exacerbated by the pandemic.

“Now that Gbagbo is back, we know that we are going to work,” said Lefri Sabrine, who hails from the same village as the ex-president’s late mother.

Associated Press journalist Yesica Fisch in Mama, Ivory Coast contributed.

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