Student COVID-19 vaccine clinics good idea


Finding the time to set up vaccination appointments isn’t always easy — and not just for adults.

Between busy schedules, transportation troubles, and only being able to sign up for one of three different vaccines, many 16- and 17-year-olds are facing barriers in getting inoculated.

Thankfully, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. is helping local teens remedy the issue.

Last week, BCSC announced plans to give students the opportunity to get vaccinated on campus, with mobile clinics to be held at Columbus East and Columbus North. Interested students enrolled at CSA New Tech students will travel to either East or North to get their Pfizer shots.

There are no requirements by BCSC to get vaccinated, so it’s entirely up to each family if they want to take advantage of the services.

Columbus Regional Health, along with local fire EMTS, are helping administer the vaccines while BCSC volunteers are also overseeing the operation. Having trained professionals making sure that there are no issues during the process should help quell any fears by parents.

Initial turnout has been significant. The first clinic at North, held this past Friday, had 131 students registered.

North’s second clinic is planned for May 7 and East’s preliminary, planned clinic dates are April 23 and May 14.

BCSC isn’t the only district that’s helping their students get vaccinated. On April 22, New Albany-Floyd County high school students will also be able to get the vaccine during class.

All those putting on the clinics should be commended. Rather than waiting for COVID-19 conditions to improve in the county, officials are trying to expatiate the process.

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