Officers kill man in body armor who drove into LA police car


LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles police were investigating Sunday after officers shot and killed a man wearing body armor who drove his car into a police cruiser on a busy Hollywood thoroughfare.

The man, who was not immediately identified, died at the scene on Sunset Boulevard Saturday afternoon.

The shooting happened after officers responding to a call were cut off by a car in front of their vehicle, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Meghan Aguilar told reporters.

The driver hit his brakes and then backed into the police cruiser, Aguilar said. The man then exited his car wearing body armor and holding his right hand behind his back, she said.

“The officers gave him commands, which he did not follow, and he started counting down, saying ‘3… 2… 1’ as he started to pull his hand from his back to the front,” Aguilar said.

Officers opened fire and the man was struck by gunfire, police said. No weapon was found.

The dark-colored sedan the man had been driving was covered in decals spelling out messages such as “new world order,” “governments of deception” and “women rule,” along with the numbers 333 and 666, according to video from local TV station KTLA.

The officers were wearing body cameras and the shooting was captured on video, Officer Mike Lopez said Sunday.

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