Purdue University Global launches free course on remote work


Purdue University Global launched a free course on remote work Monday.

The course is available to anyone as a public service. The five-module, self-paced course is designed to be completed in five to seven hours. It will provide organizational employees and leaders with the knowledge and resources to effectively contribute in remote work contexts.

Topics include:

  • Best practices for the individual remote worker
  • Strategies for connecting and communicating with a remote workforce
  • Tools and resources to support remote work
  • Legal issues associated with remote work
  • Professionalism as it relates to working remotely
  • Organizational impact of a remote workforce

“Our faculty and staff are located all over the country, and we have 20-plus years of experience engaging, managing and developing a remote workforce,” said Sara Sander, vice president and dean of the Purdue Global College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the School of Education. “We are excited to share our knowledge with employees who are seeking tips and strategies for being successful in remote work contexts as well as managers who are looking for ways to motivate, retain and mentor remote teams."

Those who complete the course will earn a certificate and a digital badge.

Information: purdueglobal.edu

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