Trinity falls to Waldron 4-1


Trinity last played Waldron in 2019, but there was a different mindset this time around.

Waldron only had seven players, and Trinity head coach Julie Lemming thought her team, who had won two straight coming into Thursday night, got a little too ahead of themselves.

The Cougars suffered a 4-1 defeat, falling to 2-2 on the season.

“They fell apart in a few spots,” Lemming said. “Disappointing, but we will absolutely move forward. We commend them. They’re a solid team. We can only get better from playing people like them.”

The lone win for the Cougars came at number two singles, where Regan Cain won her match 6-2, 6-1.

Cain’s strategy was to keep her opponent moving side-to-side and hit close to the fence to make it difficult for any type of return. Cain’s match point came from an incredible backhand shot, nearly over her head, that she landed in the opposite corner to which her opponent couldn’t return it back over the net.

“I was really excited,” Cain said. “It was definitely a 50-50 chance to get it in or not, so it was kind of a hit or miss.”

It was very windy on Thursday night, so Cain had to strategize when to hit the ball harder or when to take some off it depending what side of the court she was on.

Cain is now on a three-match winning streak, which she attributes to getting her serves in.

“Regan has been working on her mental game,” Lemming said. “We talked about how she needs to project calm vibes when she does lose a point. She’s really been working on it. I feel as if she’s achieving that goal quite nicely.

“I’m very proud of her. Solid effort.”

At number one singles, Sarah Lemming lost her first match of the season, falling 1-6, 4-6. Julie Lemming thought Sarah got a little too frustrated during the match, which affected her play.

At number three singles, Erin Enzinger lost 1-6, 0-6, and at number one doubles, Rebekah Brown and Drew Hubbard lost 0-6, 1-6.

The two doubles team of Katelyn Mensendiek and Kiley Zabel competed in a hard-fought match, barely losing the first set 6-7 (6), and that was followed up by a 2-6 second set defeat.

Zabel is a freshman and had some solid moments during the match, especially up at the net.

“For a player who has never even picked up a racket, I mean she is a seasoned athlete in the world of volleyball, but that’s crossed over for her,” Lemming said. “She just has great reaction time. She’s a great net player. She still has a lot to learn, but I’m pleased with how quickly she’s picked things up.”

Hubbard is the other freshman on varsity, and Lemming has been impressed with the progression both of them have made.

Up next for the Cougars will be a match at home against Jennings County on Saturday at 10 a.m.

“We will definitely learn from our mistakes,” Lemming said.

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