Utah deputy who lost eye in shoot out released from hospital


SALT LAKE CITY — A sheriff’s deputy who lost his eye in a shootout outside the Salt Lake City area’s jail has been released from the hospital, officials said Monday.

Deputy Leland Grossett underwent surgery Saturday after being shot in the eye and was released from the hospital Monday afternoon, the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office said.

“After a devastating injury, I am so relieved that Deputy Grossett is being released from the hospital,” Sheriff Rosie Rivera said in a news release on Monday. “He has a long recovery ahead and our Office will be there to support him.”

A second deputy, Joshua Buerke, was shot in the cheek and was released from the hospital Saturday, the office said.

A man, identified as 31-year-old Joshua Michael Johnson, was carrying a weapon and opened fire on the two deputies as they approached him outside the jail around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, according to Rivera. Johnson was killed but Rivera said Saturday she did not know if one or both deputies returned fire, or how many shots were fired.

Grossett and Buerke are partners and worked as part of security for the property, she said. At the time, she said the suspect was not known to the department and appeared to be a transient.

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