Rally to include community outreach, worship


The recovery community is strong in Jackson County and surrounding areas.

Members like Paizley Soladine, 26, of Seymour are actively reaching out to those who are battling addiction, encouraging and teaching about the benefits of living a sober life.

Most importantly, though, Soladine wants people to know they are not alone and there is hope in recovery and all things through Jesus.

“I have personally never struggled with addiction, but people near and dear to me have,” she said. “I have always been the one to sit back and watch, mainly because I knew that I was nowhere near perfect.”

But now, she realizes doing nothing is not the answer and in fact makes addiction worse for people.

In an effort to save souls from drugs and alcohol, Soladine, with help and support from Leaving the 99 and Psalm 4:65 Ministry, has organized what she is calling the Rattle Rescue Rally.

“We want to rattle the dry bones, rescue the lost souls and rally for Jesus,” she said.

The worship event will be from noon to 3 p.m. April 17 at Shields Park, 600 N. Broadway St., Seymour, and will feature guest speakers, live music, food trucks and information on recovery resources and programs available from local churches and organizations.

“I have met some amazing people through this community,” Soladine said. “I truly hope the resources that will be available will be used.”

Those scheduled to speak include Jason Davis, a recovering addict and cofounder with his wife, Jan, of Leaving the 99; Laura Nowling, a recovering addict and former schoolteacher from Austin; and Pastor Johnnie Spivey of Cornerstone Community Church in Seymour. The Leaving the 99 Recovery Band and Psalm 4:65 Ministry Band will perform and lead the rally in worship music.

People are invited to bring lawn chairs or blankets. Masks and social distancing are not required, but recommended.

Because recovery involves many people, including families, the rally is a family-friendly event and parents are encouraged to bring their children. There will be games, activities and prizes for kids and a raffle for the adults.

“It is going to be an opportunity for the community to unite as one,” Soladine said. “We have to remember that the church is not just inside the four walls we attend each Sunday. Let’s break down those walls and share his name and glory with anyone in sight.”

Soladine is a part of the Leaving the 99 Ministry and said she felt led by God to put the rally together.

“She has been actively involved in many Leaving the 99 projects,” Jan Davis said. “This particular project is not promoting any one ministry or any one church. It is a project that God laid on Paizley’s heart, and she has been obedient to that call. Her obedience will result in lives changed, I can promise you that.”

Soladine chose to hold the event in Seymour because of her connections here, but the rally isn’t just for Seymour residents.

“I am from Seymour and know plenty of people who struggle in this area,” she said. “But I have invited lots of groups from other counties, too.”

The rally isn’t just about addiction and recovery, either, Soladine said. It’s for anyone, anywhere who wants to begin, renew or strengthen their relationship with God, she said.

“This isn’t about one group of people. This is about all of us, from children to youth, addicts, homeless or anyone with a dusty Bible or who has never received Jesus in their heart,” she said. “I battle hurts and other hangups, like anxiety and depression. Whether an addict or someone who has never used, we all need Jesus and we can all relate somehow.”

Through prayer, Soladine said she came to the realization that God was working through her and wanted her to do more.

“God spoke to me that he uses the most broken people to share his word and glory,” she said.

Not one to feel comfortable in the spotlight, she knew organizing the rally wasn’t something she would have been able to do without divine guidance.

“I am being obedient to God,” she said. “This is the least I could do after all he has done for me.”

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What: Rattle Rescue Rally

When: Noon to 3 p.m. April 17

Where: Shields Park, 600 N. Broadway St., Seymour

Details: Live Christian music from the Leaving the 99 Recovery Band and Psalm 4:65 Ministry Band; food trucks; guest speakers, including Jason Davis, Laura Nowling and Pastor Johnnie Spivey; and addiction recovery resources and vendors, including Speranza House, Leaving the 99, First Baptist Church of Crothersville, The Alley, Centerstone, Cornerstone Community Church and Living Fire Ministries

Help out: For information or if you would like to get involved or support the rally, call Paizley Soladine at 317-550-7972


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