Review: ‘A Million Reasons Why’ is about a family secret


“A Million Reasons Why” by Jessica Strawser (St. Martin’s Press)

Jessica Strawser’s “A Million Reasons Why” is a thrilling story of what happens when a long-held family secret comes to light.

After her family receives DNA testing kits for Christmas, Caroline, a wife and mother of three, is stunned to discover she has a half-sister who is almost exactly her age, the product of a scandalous affair by her father. While the rest of her family wants nothing to do with Sela, Caroline is desperate to meet her.

The pair quickly form a friendship and bond over their mutual love of motherhood, but Caroline doesn’t know that Sela is dying of kidney failure. And it turns out, Caroline may be her only hope for survival.

As Caroline and Sela continue to spend time together, they also begin to piece together the past. In doing so, even more family secrets are unveiled.

This is not your typical story of discovering a long-lost family member. The intricacies of the character’s lives are fascinating, their secrets unpredictable, and the challenges they face infinitely complex.

With this story, Strawser reveals just how complicated life can be. Through these dynamic characters, she shows that no one is ever truly a villain or a hero, but instead, we are all a beautiful and messy mix of both.


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