Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe has book out in September


NEW YORK — The new chief scientist at the Nature Conservancy, Katharine Hayhoe, has written a book about climate change.

One Signal Publishers announced Wednesday that Hayhoe’s “Saving Us” will be released Sept. 21. Hayhoe will combine research and personal stories as she attempts to unite readers, including those who deny the overwhelming evidence of climate change, and motivate them toward action.

“So why aren’t we taking climate change seriously? The missing piece of the puzzle is communication,” Hayhoe said in a statement. “Because it’s so scary and so contentious, we don’t talk about it. And if we don’t talk about it, why would we care? In this book, I want to give people the tools to have constructive conversations about why these issues are relevant to all of us, and how we can work together for change.”

The Nature Conservancy is an international environmental organization founded in 1951. Hayhoe, a climate scientist who teaches public policy and public law at Texas Tech University, hosts the PBS digital series “Global Weirding” and was named a “Champion of the Earth” by the United Nations in 2019.

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