Novel Idea: Angi Cursey


Name: Angi Cursey

Job title: Information services assistant at the Jackson County Public Library

What’s the name of the book and author you are recommending?

Jodi Taylor’s “The Chronicles of St. Mary’s” series

What made you want to pick up this book in the first place?

Two of my co-workers suggested it. They went on and on about how much they both enjoyed the humor and action in this book, and after much insistence, I checked out the first book in the series. The first title, “Just One Damned Thing After Another,” might lead you to think that this series is racy, but it’s not.

Once you got into the book, what made you want to keep reading it?

It’s an interesting concept. The main character is rough and aggressive, drinks too much. She’s no damsel in distress and, as a library fan, who wouldn’t want this to be part of the job? They time travel in order to study the events of the past and rescue important artifacts, like scrolls and parchments, from the Library of Alexandria before it was burned. Chaos follows the organization at their heels as they get wrapped up not only in events of the past but in personal and professional dramas within the group and from other modern-day sources, like their patrons and financial benefactors.

Once you finished the book, what did you like about it?

I kept thinking about it, and since the series is so extensive, almost 30 and still coming, I can revisit the characters for a long time to come. I normally read nonfiction, but I do like historical fiction, so this series fits the bill. I love British humor, too.

What is the book about?

Time traveling historians from a secret order, viewing past events without altering the timeline while chaos, silliness and a little romance brutalize the characters in a variety of ways. It’s hilarious if you like dry humor. If you’re a fan of British television shows, like “Monty Python” or “Absolutely Fabulous,” you’ll probably like this series. It’s a little science fiction, a little romance, a little adventure.

Why would you recommend this book to others?

If someone knows me, they will know what kind of reading material I enjoy. So if that’s something they can get into, then by all means, read them and let’s talk about it. It’s a fun, lengthy story you can read easily. With most of us being busy, books like this are good to read because you can get into them but put it aside and come back to it right away. The story is very memorable and relatable.

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