Edsel B Ford II retires from Ford board, more Fords join

DETROIT — Edsel B. Ford II is retiring from the board of Ford Motor and will be replaced by another member of the Ford family.

Two members of the Ford family will actually join the board because like Edsel Ford, John Lechleiter, the retired chairman and CEO of Eli Lilly, also served notice that he does not want to be considered for re-election.

Edsel Ford has been on the board for 33 years.

The Detroit carmaker is nominating Alexandra Ford English and Henry Ford III, both great-great grandchildren of company founder Henry Ford, as replacements.

Ford English is currently a director in corporate strategy at the company. Henry Ford III is the son of Edsel B. Ford II. He’s currently a director in Ford’s investor relations department.

Board nominees will be up for election at Ford’s annual meeting on May 13.