State unveils Hoosier Talent Network job search site


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Hoosiers who are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic or simply looking for a job change now have a new online employment platform to help guide their career choices.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has unveiled the Hoosier Talent Network from Eightfold AI to connect employers with workers disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.

The new job-matching and career-planning site is powered by artificial intelligence to help job seekers quickly find the right opportunities in the right locations. By better understanding their skills and capabilities, the network is able to unlock those opportunities based on an individual’s unique potential.

There are currently more than 135,000 jobs open and waiting to be filled in Indiana, and the state’s commitment to bringing employers and job seekers together is clearly reflected in this new revolutionary resource open to all Hoosiers.

“This is a state-supported program committed to bringing our people back to work,” DWD Commissioner Fred Payne said. “We are here to support those in need, and the Hoosier Talent Network is another resource the DWD offers to help Hoosiers improve their lives.”

Job seekers can upload their résumé or quickly create a profile of work history, skills and hobbies. The network technology will suggest skills that may be missing from the profile, then will match the job seeker to available positions that reflect their current skills as well as positions where new skills could easily be learned.

After completing the profile, individuals can view open roles and receive email notifications with suggestions for jobs that align with their specific skills and experiences. These matches will be a result of the information they self-reported in their profile and the inferences that the platform has made using its expansive analysis of different career paths.

The job openings posted on the website cover a wide variety of occupations and skill levels, but the network is not just for job seekers. Companies that are hiring also can use the advanced technology available to get matched with all types of potential workers.

“The Hoosier Talent Network will open up new doors for employers and connect them with the job seekers who are the best matches for their current workforce needs,” said Chad Carter, DWD’s Hoosier Talent Network project leader. “This platform has the capability to be a game changer in getting the state’s employers back on track for future success after the employment challenges of 2020.”

Visit to explore new job opportunities and unlock the potential of the Hoosier Talent Network.

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