GOP bill would force yearly teacher action on union dues


INDIANAPOLIS — Republican lawmakers are advancing a bill that would require Indiana teachers to renew requests every year for automatic deduction of union dues from their paychecks.

The bill would direct school districts to send an email to all employees who have union dues deductions with a 14-point boldface message that they have the right to not join the union and may stop their paycheck deduction at any time.

Supporters of the bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Phil Boots of Crawfordsville say it would allow teachers to make “informed decisions” about their union membership. Representatives of anti-union groups said teachers could forget about the paycheck deductions and continue paying them against their will.

The Indiana State Teachers Association, which is the state’s largest teachers union, questioned why union dues were the only one of the many possible paycheck deductions targeted by the legislation. The group argued the bill isn’t necessary and will misuse school district staff time.

The bill could be voted on by the Senate in the coming week.

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