Seymour man arrested for criminal recklessness and battery


An investigation into a report of gunshots Sunday night on West Oak Street in Seymour ended with a man facing felony charges of aggravated battery and criminal recklessness, police report.

The arrest of Ryan A. Self, 32, of Seymour stems from a confrontation he had with a man and a woman that eventually led to him pulling the woman by her hair into the Honda Civic he was driving, police said.

He then drove away with the woman’s body hanging out of the vehicle before releasing her a short time later. The woman declined medical treatment after the incident, police said.

The incident that led to Self’s arrest started when Officers John Armstrong and Cody Teltow responded to the southwest side of the city to investigate the report of gunshots shortly after 8 p.m.

They spoke with a man in the 900 block of West Jackson Street, who said the shots had come somewhere in the area of Oak and Buckeye streets, according to the police incident report.

The man also said he heard a vehicle rev its engine and a man and woman yelling, followed by two to four gunshots.

Armstrong said he then spotted a man with his hands above his head as he was walking to his front yard in the 400 block of Buckeye Street.

While talking to that man and a woman at the home, the man told police he had fired shots, police said. The man was briefly detained but not arrested. The handgun, shell casings and magazines for the firearm were collected as part of the investigation by Sgt. Crystal Schapson.

The man said the woman was his girlfriend and Self, who was her ex-boyfriend, had been following them throughout the entire day.

He told police Self had followed them back to their home and the woman had exited their vehicle to confront him, police said.

The man said he then saw Self pull the woman’s head into the driver’s window of his car with her body remaining outside of the vehicle and then start driving north on Buckeye Street.

Fearing the woman would get run over by the vehicle, the man said he ran into his home, retrieved his Kimber .45-caliber handgun and went back outside.

He said he yelled for Self to stop the car multiple times, and when the car continued to accelerate, the man shot his handgun two to three times at the vehicle.

When Self reached the Oak Street intersection, he let go of the woman and fled the area in a Honda Civic. The woman, who declined medical treatment at the scene, later showed police abrasions on her lower back she had received while being dragged.

The woman said Self had not been civil since their relationship ended and had been throwing eggs at her car while she had been visiting her grandmother that day.

Police eventually went to Self’s residence in the 500 block of East 14th Street, where Self was asked to step outside of the house and speak with law enforcement.

Self told police he had been following the couple in an attempt to return the woman’s belongings, police said.

He said when he was parked outside the couple’s house, the woman approached him and started punching him through the driver’s-side window.

Self said he didn’t strike the woman in self-defense and didn’t grab her and his only physical action was protecting his face with his left arm until he was being shot at. He said he accelerated out of concern for his daughter, who was in his vehicle.

Armstrong asked if there was any way the woman’s hair could have become entangled in anything inside the vehicle that would have caused her to be dragged.

Self said he was the only thing in his car that could have entrapped the woman’s hair, police said.

Armstrong said as part of the investigation, Officer Blake McCrary found a Facebook post by Self that said “I’m ready to kill someone!!! So when I’m gone forever Just know I faught (sic) for the one I love!!!”

Self was booked into the Jackson County Jail in Brownstown at 10:10 p.m. Sunday. He was being held without bond pending his initial hearing.

Aggravated battery is a Level 3 felony carrying a prison sentence of three to 16 years upon conviction with an advisory sentence of nine years. Criminal recklessness is a Level 6 felony.

Detective Mike Henley and Officer Josh Daniel also assisted with the investigation.

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