Letter: Condition of Ackert’s Cemetery needs addressed


To the editor:

I would like to address the condition of Ackert’s Chapel graveyard.

I went there to put Christmas flowers on our loved ones graves. The first thing I noticed is that there are chickens getting in the graveyard. These seem to be free ranging chickens. If you know anything about chickens, you know that they can scratch an area until there isn’t any grass left. They also leave droppings behind which you can step in.

At the northeast side of the graveyard there’s a large limb that has fallen on about three headstones. One of those headstones is now in two pieces.

A year or two ago I spoke with the caretakers of the graveyard about the condition of the graveyard. I was told that there’s no money in the account to pay for upkeep. Therefore, the graveyard isn’t being taken care of the way it should be taken care of.

If you’re reading this, and have family members buried there you need to go see for yourself. If you think the condition of the graveyard is unacceptable, please contact the caretakers.

Sue McKain, Seymour

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