Longtime city board member retires


After more than three decades of service, the president of the Seymour Plan Commission is stepping down.

Don Myers Jr. announced his retirement from the city board during a virtual meeting Thursday night.

“This is my last meeting,” he said. “I have been sitting on the planning and zoning committee for 31 years. It doesn’t seem possible, and I didn’t plan to stay this long. I am going to miss it.”

Myers said he has enjoyed his time serving and has remained active through five different administrations.

He was first appointed to the board by then Mayor Bill Bailey and remained on the board during the leadership of former mayors John Burkhart, Jim Bullard, Craig Luedeman and current Mayor Matt Nicholson.

“I must have been doing something right or nobody else wanted the job, I’m not sure which,” Myers said.

He voiced his appreciation for everyone currently on the board and past members along with city Building Commissioner Jeremy Gray.

“This is the third changeover of the commission that I have sat through,” Myers said. “I have seen many things in different ways, some good, some bad. I’ve made friends, and I’ve made enemies, but that goes with the job.”

Gray thanked Myers for his service.

“We didn’t always see eye to eye on everything, but that’s a good thing,” Gray said. “You did a great job. I admire you Don. Not everybody can sit on these things for 31 years.”

Myers said he hopes he has left the board in a better position than when he started, but he knows the work of the plan commission is never done.

“I would have liked to have seen everything cleaned up before I left, but the mayor and I had a nice conversation, and this is the best way that we can go,” Myers said.

Councilman Drew Storey commended Myers Jr. for his service to the city.

“I’m honored to have worked with you, thank you sir,” Storey said.

As his last action, Myers appointed a nominating committee to put together a roster of new officers for the plan commission in 2021. That committee is made up of board members John Reinhart, Jeri Wells and Rick Schleibaum.

The board will vote on officers at the Jan. 14 meeting.

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