Brownstown Town Council discusses street acceptance



The final coat of asphalt has been applied to Beech Street in Brownstown.

Now, the original partnership company, SCIDCO LLC of Port Orange, Florida, wants the street and the south end of Ashland Street to be accepted by the town, according to a letter addressed to the town and signed by partner Lonn Stuckwish.

Two LED streetlights also are needed on Beech Street, but Brownstown Clerk-Treasurer David Willey pointed out an issue.

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"We don’t have anything in writing to begin with, something saying that they were going to provide the streetlights, which they did this deal with the county because it was county ground," he said.

Stuckwish is one of the partners that developed the area known as Beech Street, which is between the Poplar Cove addition and Brownstown Senior Housing on the south end of town.

Willey said the town annexed the area in 2012, but there is no written agreement since the land was county-owned, not town-owned, when the project started.

During a recent meeting, the Brownstown Town Council unanimously approved a contract to have Duke Energy install two LED streetlights at a total cost of $1,100.26 to be paid for by SCIDCO.

Town attorney Travis Thompson then said the streetlights need to be paid for, ordered and authorized for installation before the town can accept the street.

So Councilwoman Sharon Koch made a motion stating as soon as payment is made, Willey can call Duke Energy to authorize installation. It received unanimous approval.

If the town ends up accepting the street, it will be added to the inventory, and snow removal and maintenance can be offered.

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