Seymour church hosting blood drive Sunday


Versiti will have a blood drive from 8:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday in the parish hall at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 504 N. Walnut St., Seymour.

Versiti also is offering free COVID-19 antibody testing with donations. As virus cases continue to rise across the country and the world, the need for convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients is great.

The test will inform donors if they have antibodies reflective of a prior COVID-19 infection. The test does not screen for the virus itself, inform donors if they currently have COVID-19 or indicate future immunity against the virus.

Testing will be done at Versiti’s laboratory in Indianapolis. Donors can find their results through their online account at or the Versiti app. Positive test results also will be mailed to the donor.

Potential plasma donors can call 866-702-4673 to donate or visit

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