Brownstown boys find thrills in dirt bike racing


Whether they are competing in state or national dirt bike races, three Brownstown boys have a need for speed.

After recently zipping through a hilly wooded area, running their bikes over the leaf-covered ground, or rising up over a downed log, Aden McCrary, Tucker McCrary and Ty Reynolds were asked what attracts them to the sport.

"Just going fast and the adrenaline," said Aden, 13, an eighth-grader at Brownstown Central Middle School.

Tucker, 10, a fifth-grader at Brownstown Elementary School, watched his older brother race at a young age and was intrigued.

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"At the first race, he said it was really fun, and I wanted to do it," Tucker said of Aden’s influence. "He helps me sometimes, pushes me to go faster."

Reynolds, 12, a sixth-grader at BCMS, saw neighbors racing four-wheelers when he was younger, and he remembers a race at his uncle’s house just down the road.

"It looked fun going fast," said Reynolds, who chose to go fast on two wheels.

The trio has been around the sport since they were 4 or 5. Now, they compete in IXCR Cross Country Racing and Crossroads Racing Series in Indiana and Grand National Cross Country Racing throughout the season, which runs from February to November.

While the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to a few months of the season, racing has resumed, and the boys have had good results ever since.

"I’ve won two series (in 2014 and 2017) and I’m doing pretty good this year," Aden said. "I was just excited to get back going and just wanted to win more."

In each series race, points are awarded based on placing in your class, which is broken down by the size of the bike’s engine.

"Motivation and just work hard at it," Aden said of what it takes to be successful in races.

Tucker said he has placed second in a race in the past and normally finishes in the top 10.

"The best place I’ve gotten this year is sixth," he said.

On his 65cc bike, Reynolds said he placed second or third throughout the year. This year, he moved up to 85cc and has placed as high as seventh. He’s now racing against older, more experienced kids, but he said it helps him learn and improve.

"Just the thrill of doing it," he said of what motivates him to stay with dirt bike racing.

Aden also knows what it’s like to race against people older than him. This year, he has raced against his father, Josh McCrary, in adult races for fun.

"He beats me," Josh said of his son, which gives Aden rights to brag and trash talk a little bit.

Dirt bike racing isn’t the only sport for the Brownstown boys.

This fall, they have been busy playing football, so they have had to squeeze in time for dirt bike racing practice when they can. In the spring, Aden competes in track and field.

While dirt bike racing has resulted in various injuries for the three boys, they heal and come back even stronger. That’s good because endurance and strength are key in the hour long dirt bike races.

"Just that endurance, they don’t slow down, so it has been great for sports, too," said Shanty Morrow, Aden and Tucker’s mother.

The boys also like dirt bike racing because of the family atmosphere. Families often bring campers to stay in and hang out while waiting to race.

"That’s kind of like their little home spot," Morrow said. "They all just hang out, and it’s kind of like family. Everybody at the races helps each other’s kids. It’s just that camaraderie, too, that’s pretty cool about racing."

Morrow said she would like to see other kids in the area take up the sport.

"I just wish there were more kids that did it around here just so more kids could do it because this is a unique thing for them," she said.

Aden encourages others to do it, too.

"Maybe get a cheap bike and ride and one they can afford," he said. "You don’t have to have the best looking thing out there. Just give it a try, and it’s pretty fun."

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