Police report surge in catalytic converter thefts


The Seymour Police Department and several surrounding agencies have seen a resurgence in catalytic converter thefts from the exhaust systems of vehicles in the nighttime hours.

In recent months, most of these thefts have been conducted using a wireless electric sawzall-type reciprocating saw with a metal blade, according to a news release from SPD.

Thieves can remove the converter in a matter of minutes and then sell it to metal scrapyards for a few hundred dollars due to the precious metals inside.

There are safeguards to prevent this, but thieves may travel to turn in the converters at different locations to reduce the chance of being caught.

Police ask residents to report all suspicious activity at night (strange vehicles, people observed loitering in dark parking lots, people with power equipment at night and sounds of sawing) and be vigilant of your vehicles, specifically gas-powered larger trucks or work vehicles with a high ground clearance and hybrid vehicles.

Police shared additional tips to protect their vehicles:

  • Park in well-lit areas at night
  • Park in a secure garage when possible
  • Park near your residence
  • Check your vehicle often
  • Use surveillance systems
  • Consider etching the vehicle VIN on the converter

Suspicious activity in city limits should be reported by calling SPD at 812-522-1234, while the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department may be reached at 812-358-2141.

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