Find the right balance between work and family


In an article from January 2019, Mayor Craig Luedeman described some of what it takes to serve as mayor.

His closing line was “You don’t just work during the day, but you work during the night and need to be accessible.” Funny that as I copied this line from the article I received a message and had to run to city hall on a Saturday morning.

Enjoy some of my recent adventures before I get back to this thought.

Congratulations to Jackson Live located on Airport Road, Schwatzers German Restaurant located on Indianapolis Ave, and ARC’s sway fun located at Gaiser Park for cutting ribbons this week. While COVID slowed down 2020, we have seen new businesses still open this year as well.

Recently, I made two trips to Schneck to help celebrate Nurse’s Week (normally celebrated in May) and Respiratory Week. We all know it takes a team to do great things, and Schneck does a good job of putting those team players in place. Thank you nurses for all you do. I have to admit that I did tear up a little bit listening to the nominations as they were read.

Mix in some meetings and you have a week in my life serving as mayor. Redevelopment Authority met to approve the lease for Redevelopment Commission on Burkart Phase II. Then later the same day common council put the final stamp on the project. With all the steps falling in place, we should see construction start in 2021 to connect Burkart south from O’Brien Street to Airport Road.

This week I spent the morning learning how to keep up with Chris at Water Pollution Control in the Vac Con truck. With safety features that require multiple switches to activate different functions, it was a lesson in memory work, but I don’t believe I slowed him down too much. We cleaned lift stations around town. As most of you are aware, after the flush, gravity does the work to carry your waste away. What many don’t realize, though, is that to continue along the way you have to go back up hill somewhere. That is where a lift station comes in. Sewage is pumped up to continue along the way to be treated at the plant on Newford Road. Chris, thank you for your patience and for sharing your knowledge with me. I truly enjoy getting to know our city employees and gain at least a better insight into their day-to-day tasks at work.

This past week I had a conversation with someone that asked how much time I put in during a week. I laughed it off, especially as they pointed out that if I tracked it I probably wouldn’t want to know. I try to remember to find a balance and sometimes it is easier than others. My family is understanding and embraces the moments that I smile and say I will be back as quick as I can. Just in the short time it has taken me to write this article, I have run to City Hall and fielded a few messages and two phone calls. I hope when my time comes to shuffle off this mortal coil that my daughters can look back with fond memories and not think Dad spent too much time at work. I also hope that friends and community members feel that I have been dedicated to our future. Finding that balance is an art, and we never know if we found it until years later. Enjoy your week, Seymour, and strive for that perfect balance in your own life.

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