Letter: Enos Road needs major improvements


To the editor:

It is time for Jackson County, the City of Seymour and the State of Indiana to begin to take a hard look at making major improvements to Enos Road (County Road 700N). There is certainly more traffic than normal on Enos Road now due to construction on Tipton Street (U.S. Highway 50) in Seymour and on State Highway 11 at the Jonesville exit, but traffic on Enos Road has been increasing for years.

Enos Road provides and additional way besides Tipton Street to get across Seymour and over Interstate 65 between Indiana State Highways 11 and 31. It also serves as the back door to the Eastside Industrial Park and as the main artery to reach Trinity Lutheran High School.

Improvements such as wider traffic lanes, curbs and gutters, turn lanes, and a detached pedestrian / bike path will go a long ways to improving mobility between neighborhoods and general safety in the area.

With periotic approval of more development along Enos Road and around the greater Seymour the area, traffic will continue to increase. The time is now to jump out in front of future development with good planning and foresight to create an Enos Road that can handle current and future traffic volume for the safety and benefit of the community.

Timothy Molinari, Seymour

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